Radio Carpe Diem is Sydney’s first and only culturally paleoconservative and politically traditionalist programme on a community run radio station broadcasting at 88.9FM and online, 8:00pm to 10:00pm Mondays (See TuneIn button to the right to automatically connect).

“The word conservative is perhaps the most grossly misunderstood and misused word in current political dialogue. A lot of people are running around calling themselves conservatives, that quite frankly, aren’t. They don’t know what the word means and they’ve never tackled it in its proper philosophical context. […] The real division these days is between materialist and non-materialist forms of philosophy. […] So if you were to look at who is the great enemy of the conservative mind at the moment, who is anything but a conservative, it would have to be those who view economics and the economy as the only relevant factor that we have to look at, particularly in government and in our lives, and that culture is something that has absolutely nothing to do with a conservative philosophy or government action. That mindset is the antithesis, the deepest, darkest enemy of any conservative, even more so than a socialist. The key battleground for a conservative is culture. Culture first and foremost.” [source]

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